How to Remove/ Hide Navbar from Blogger/Blogspot

This post is for bloggers!!! Do you like the ugly bar called navigation bar or simply navbar in blogger/blosopt? Sometimes it helps bloggers to directly Sign in from their blog and read a random blog from ‘Next blog’. But it is sign that this blog/website is created in blogger. You may think of removing navbar, but when you take Design->Page Elements, there is no link for removing/hiding navbar. Is there any way to remove/hide navbar from blogger account? Yes!!! Using a simple CSS code you can remove

/ hide the navigation bar. Only you need is to paste a CSS code in Edit HTML option. Here are the detailed steps to remove navbar from your blogger/blogspot account
Sign in to your Blogger account. 

2)  Go to Design->Edit HTMl
3)  Before you do anything in Edit HTML, Download Full Template. It’s a backup of your blog. 
4)  Tick on the check box to Expand Widgets.
5)  Paste this code anywhere in the template.

#navbar {
height: 0px;
visibility: hidden;
display: none;
6)  Save 

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