Useful keyboard Shorcuts For All Browsers

When we open a browser its a hurry to open different websites, Facebook, Gmail, Yahoo, YouTube.. etc. If you didn't know keyboard shortcuts then your hand will be moving from mouse to keyboard, keyboard to mouse! If you know the shortcuts in keyboard then it will be much much better. You don't even have to touch the mouse. You can do everything with your keyboard. Open new tab, enter website address, close tab, move to another tab, reload, stop reloading etc. This shortcuts will really help while chatting and browsing many websites. Try it and share your experience...

Ctrl+Tab - Switch to next tab
Ctrl+Shift+Tab - Switch to previous tab
Ctrl+T - New tab
Ctrl+W - Close current tab
Ctrl+Shift+T - Open last closed tab
Ctrl+1-8 - Switch to the specific tab (from left)
Ctrl+9 - Last tab

Address Bar
Ctrl+L - Start typing in address bar
Ctrl+Enter - Add '.com' to site name and goto that site (type 'Google' & press Ctrl+Enter)

Other General Shortcuts
F11 - Full screen
F5 - Reload the current page
Escape - Stop loading the current page
Ctrl+F - Find a word in page
Ctrl+H - Open history
Ctrl+Shift+Del- Clear History
Ctrl+P - Print the page
Ctrl+S - Save the page
Ctrl+D - Bookmark the page
Ctrl++ Ctrl+- Control zoom
Ctrl+0 - Reset zoom

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