How to Remove Facebook Timeline

Most of us clicked the button 'Get timeline now' and now hate it. Finding all the ways to remove it. So guys in this post i am giving you a simple, effective trick to remove timeline. First of all let me tell you why Facebook introduced timeline. It is a new layout to display advertisements more effectively and more chance of clicks on these ads. Thus from this Timeline Facebook's income increased by a notable amount. Now you may understand why they don't put 'Remove Timeline' or 'Delete Timeline'.

How to remove Facebook Time line?

There are many ways to remove timeline but most of them are fake. Also note that you cannot remove Facebook timeline permanently, unless they put 'remove timeline'. (I heard that deactivating Facebook for few hours will delete timeline permanently. But it doesn't work for every one)

      By using an addon we can remove Timeline. So here i am giving you that addon for all browsers (Firefox, Chrome, Safari and Internet Explorer). Here are the steps..

1) Log on to
2) Scroll down to see the list of browsers. The browser which you are using will be blinking. Click on that icon
3) A small box will appear asking for installing (it varies for different browsers). Click yes and install.
4) Restart Your Browser

NOTE: It will not remove timeline permanently. Only from the current browser. That means if you Sign in to Facebook using a computer which doesn't have this addon, there will be time line

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