How to Disable AutuRun in Windows to Avoid Major Virus Attack

Autorun is a feature in Windows to automatically open and execute files in a pendrive or cd. Most of the virus will use this feature to attack and inject virus to the victim's computer. No program/virus can execute itself. So when you plugin a pendrive containing virus, with the help of autorun it will start executing and will spread to the whole computer. Thus by disabling this autorun feature about 80% of the virus attacks can be avoided. Windows 7 does not have this feature (thanks to Microsoft) but XP has. If you are an XP user please do this simple trick to avoid major virus attacks

1) Click on 'Start' button and select 'Run'.
2) In the box appears type "gpedit.msc"

3) From the window appears select Computer Configuration >> Administrative Templates >> System

4) Click on 'system' and you will get a list in right side bar
5) Scroll down and select 'Turn off Autoplay'
6) Double click on it select 'Disabled'

7) Apply >> ok >> Restart your Computer

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