Learn How to Type and Increase Typing Speed

Don't you feel shame to type looking at the keyboard? Everybody says, typing for long time will increase typing speed. How many hours and days have you spent on Facebook for chatting. Does your typing speed increased? Your answer will be a big 'NO'. Why? Because you are not typing in the right way. In this post I will show how to type, find your typing speed and increase typing speed.

There are mainly two rules for typing

1) Never look at the keyboard
2) Use right fingers for the right key

If you didn't follow these rules it will adversely a affect you typing. But even if we know the rules most us forget. Who remember these rules while chatting :D

Then How to type without regulating these rules?

A website called WWW.KEYBR.COM will help you. Carefully, please read the steps below before star typing.When you log in to that website there will be a box containing random letters and a virtual keyboard. All you need is to type the letters in the box without errors. Remember to look at the number of errors. There is a greater chance of getting errors when you type fast. So try to minimize the number of errors.
Note: Please signup/register before start typing in keybr

Advantages of registering in keybr.com

By registering in keybr.com, it will chart your typing speed, average speed, number of errors and also your daily progress in typing speed. Here is my chart. Now i have a average speed of 60 words/minute. Practicing about half an hour every day for one month will surely increase your typing speed (nearly 60 words/min)

Steps Before Typing - Important!!1) Place your fingers in the home positionEach finger has a particular key. First you must place your fingers at home position. Then move yours fingers to type and and return to home position. It is the most important one. Given below images will help you

Home position

2) Never look at the keyboard
Looking at the keyboard and typing will never increase your typing speed. If you are a beginner use virtual keyboard in the website to locate keys.

3) Sit in right Position

How you sit can affect your typing efficiency. A bad position can result in more errors and slower typing speed. Make sure that your keyboard is at a comfortable height for your fingers. Sit up straight. Put your feet flat on the ground

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