Disadvantages of Samsung Galaxy Y

Samsung Galaxy Y is one of the cheapest Android smart phone. It is a mobile for teen age, as “Y” means youth. Galaxy Y will provide all the features you want like wifi, 3g, Android 2.3, capcitive touch screen and more. View full specifications. But it has many defects. Most of the people are not aware of it. Before buying a Galaxy y please read the below points.

Disadvantages of Samsung Galaxy Y

1) Low Battery backup

      It is most defective part of Galaxy Y.  It will only stand up to 24 hours. If you are addicted to internet or games it may only stand up to 12 hours.  I recommend not buying this phone. (Try HTC explorer) But there are some good tricks to increase battery life of Galaxy Y

2) Low resolution Display and size

      When compared with other smart phones, Galaxy Y’s screen quality is very poor. Even HD videos look like normal videos. Its screen has only 127 ppi (ppi means pixels per inch). Higher the ppi more the clarity and quality. (Smart phones of Nokia have minimum 230 ppi).

3) Low resolution camera

      Compared with price a 2 MP Camera is good. But high MP does not mean it is good camera. Others mobiles like Nokia 5230, 2533 have same 2 MP camera. Its quality is much better than Galaxy y.

Another Mobile having better features than Galaxy Y?

HTC explorer. See full specifications.

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