Delete Files Permanently - Cannot be Recoverd by Any Softwares

I have previously posted a article on How to recover deleted files. Then many of my friends asked me "How to delete files permanently, which can never be recovered using recovery softwares like Recova, TuneUp Utilities, Free UnDelete etc)". I searched a lot for the best and finally i got the best solution. So friends here i am posting about a software, Fileshredder which can delete files permanently from hard disk, its download link, features and more. What ever the file may be pictures, videos documents or anything, Fileshredder will delete it beyond recovery..

What is FileShredder

As the name says it is software which shreds files. When we normally click "delete" in windows or any other OS, it removes bits of information from files so they appear deleted. But FileShredder rewrite files with random series of binary data multiple times (called shredding). Thus it is impossible to recover.
Downlaod Fileshredder (quick link)

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