How to Open Jammed Websites

You may find it very tough to open exam result's web sites. It is because so many people are accessing the web site/page same time. Their servers cannot handle this much requests at a time because of low band width. So they can only send web pages to a few requests. Others have to wait, pressing reload button again and again. Is there any way to open jammed websites? as fast as possible?. Yes. By a simple trick you can open it in Firefox. Firefox is a very flexible browser. This trick cannot be applied on Google Chrome or Internet Explorer. Lets start....

How it works

All browsers send a request to server for opening a site (web page). Only if the request is accepted, webpage is returned by the server and it is displayed in our browser. Usually Firefox browser sends 4 requests when you type the site address and press enter. But there is a option in firefox to change this value to whatever you like. More request sent, more chance of returning/opening the webpage!!


1) Open Firefox and in the address bar type "about:config"

2) Click "i will be carefull"

3) In the search box type "maxrequests"



4) Change the value by double clicking, to 50 or 60.

5) Restart your Browser and open jammed  sites!!!!!!

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