How To Open Blocked Websites in School/College/Office

Many websites like Facebook, YouTube etc may be blocked in your college or office. Its quite usual. But it in many case it is essential to open these websites even for our studies. Then any method to open these blocked websites?? Here it is, tricks to open blocked sites and surf the the web anonymously.  I have explained three  methods below. One is using IP address, with the help of Proxy Servers and finally web2main. Try it and give me your feedback please..

How to Open and Surf Blocked Websites Anonymously

Method 1:  By Finding Website's IP Address

1) Go to Start > Run.
2) In the box appears type “cmd

3) A black box appears. Paste the following in to it. 
    and press enter (change to any site you want).
4) An IP address will be shown in brackets []. Copy it.
5) Open your browser and paste the IP address in address bar and press enter.

Method 2: By Proxy Servers

Proxy server or proxy sites are websites which allow you to browse a site in your browser without monitoring. Because the ip address will be different. Even if you open a site like Facebook through any of the proxy site they cant see "" in the address bar. Only the proxy site's URL. 

List of Top 10 Proxy sites


Method 3: Send Webpages to Email

Sounds cools, isn't it? Yes web2mail allows you to receive websites as email. Which means simply give the address to web2mail, then will send you the site (you have to sign up first). Just open the mail, you can see the webpage. Try so that you can browse entire web from email itself. Another method to open blocked websites.

Please write your feedback and help us...

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