Download RocketDock for Windows 7

RocketDock in Windows 7
Free RocketDock Download. I noticed this RocketDock software when i installed vista transformation pack on my Windows XP. It is truly awesome. Later i upgraded to Windows 7. Still i am using this RocketDock. Its a good software which all XP and Windows 7 users must have. Rocketdock is a free software which is always visible in the desktop which have the shortcuts to many programs. So instead of going to start menu and looking for applications we can add our favorite software's shortcut and open them quickly like My computer, Recycle bin... etc and customize the theme too. In this way you can avoid putting many shortcuts in the desktop which makes your pc slow. I have included the screen shot of RocketDock in Windows 7 and the link to RocketDock download. Before downloading take a look at the screen shot.

Download RocketDock
RocketDock in Windows 7


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