Find Who Is Using Your WiFi and Block It

Some one is stealing your WiFi?? WiFi is one of the new technology in the world of internet. Since its new there are greater chance of using your WiFi by another person. If you are using WiFi in your house, may be your neighbor is using it. It can happen in your office or college. In this post i will tell you how to find who is using your WiFi, stealing your WiFi and how to block it. Finding who is using your WiFi is very easy and doesn't require any skills. But to block them your will need software. I have explained below. Read on...

Find Who is Connected to your WiFi (Simple method)

1) Go to Start -> Type "Cmd" and press Enter.

2) In the window appears type "NET VIEW" and press Enter

3) Press Enter

A list containing names of devices which of connected to your WiFi will be displayed

Find and Block Who are Using Your WiFi
In order to block or prevent other devices using your WiFi you need a software called "Whos On My WiFi". This software will display the names of devices connected to your WiFi and can be blocked. You don't have to block them each time. It also have many other option. No need to install. Its not a free software. I have put the download link and the serial key below

Serial key: 0c659fn1aLJ0GxQdMmMu9ouyOxsO3tcA4nMN2GPpQsE=

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