How to Remove Facebook Ads

Are you annoyed of Facebook ads? The advertisements showing at the right side of the Facebook? So in this post i am explaining a cool trick to remove or hide Facebook ads. We are using  addon to block the ads from Facebook. It tooks only a few seconds to install. Simple and Easy. Works with any Browser and any Operating System.

Other Features of this Addon

By using this addon we can remove ads of any site. Another interesting feature i noticed with this addon is that you can remove or block a specified part of that page using  'filter' option. For example you frequently visit a blog which contains a email subscription box which you have already subscribed, you can filter it using this addon so that you will not see it next time. It can also remove ads from videos. This gives you much space and takes less time to load. Browse faster and safer

The addon is named as Adblock Plus

How to get this addon, Adblock plus and install

1) Just logon to
2) Click on 'Install Adblock Plus'
3) Accept and install
4) Restart your browser

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