How to Increase Firefox Cache Space

You may have noticed that when you open a website frequently it have more speed in loading than the first time. It’s because if cache in browser. Almost all browsers have cache. Cache is the place where the web pages are stored. For example when you open your browser downloads the files like images and others and save it in cache. When you open the website next time browser displays that images so that there is no need to download them again.
As I have told you earlier Firefox is a flexible browser. Cache of Firefox can be changed according to our wish. By increasing cache you are increasing browsing speed. Here I have described on how to increase/change Firefox cache space.

1) Open Firefox.
2) Go to Tools>Options.
3) Select Advanced and then Network.
4) Change 50 MB to whatever you like, 500  MB or 600 MB like that…
5) Click OK.
6) Done.

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  1. Awesome! Thank You all very much!!!
    By increasing cache space can the online games load faster if I visit the same game again and again?

    1. yes, it will load faster.... But heavy games will require more cache space.


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