Html Code for Redirection and Auto Refresh/Reload

This post is for bloggers and other website developers. Here are some awesome html codes for you. The html code for redirection and also the html code for auto refresh. Hyper Text Markup Language provides (HTML) a lot of features to make their website/blog SEO (Search Engine Optimization), increasing page ranking…etc. But most of the web designers are not aware of it. Redirection and auto refresh/reload are some of them. Redirection and auto refresh can be added/inserted to any website/blog like Blogger, Wordpress…etc. Here are redirecting and refreshing html code creators.


Redirection is a feature allows to automatically redirects your page to another page. That means when someone opens your website/blog, after a few seconds (you can change it) it will redirect to another page as your wish. Here is the html code for redirection. Paste it just before </HEAD> tag.


Change 5 seconds and to anything as your wish.


These codes do the same as we press the reload button in browser. It reloads your page automatically. It can really increase your page ranking because like visiting the page again and again. As you know, more visitors, more page ranking. Paste it just before </HEAD> tag.


Change 30 seconds to anything you want. But don’t make it too short like 1 or 2 seconds, it will decrease page ranking because search engines like Google considers you as a spammer.

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