Download RocketDock for Ubuntu (Cairo Dock)

Recently I have posted RocketDock for Windows OS and I got a huge response. Now a days many people are using Ubuntu instead of Windows because of lighting fast, security etc. So here I am giving you the RocketDock for Ubuntu!!. Actually it is not RocketDock in Ubuntu, its named as 'Cairo Dock'.

What is Cairo Dock

Cairo Dock is a small software which shows a panel on the screen/desktop (usually on bottom, you can place it anywhere). It contains the shortcuts or launchers to different applications, also contains useful applets, taskbar. You can fully customize it. Many themes are also available. It use hardware acceleration so that it doesn't use much CPU
Cairo Dock

How to Download Cairo Dock
Cairo Dock can be easily downloaded from the Ubuntu Software Center.

1) Open 'Ubuntu Software Center'.

2) In the search box type 'Cairo Dock'

3) Click on install
4) Done :)

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