Record Screen as Video using ZD Recorder

Don’t you like to record your stunning game scenes as video and put it in youtube? or save to your computer? Or make any video tutorials with the desktop? Here is a software - ZD Recorder. This software will capture your desktop and convert it in to a video file. You may have seen the ‘print screen’ (screen shot) button in keyboard. It is used to capture screen as photo. This software is similar to it, instead of photo it records desktop as video with sound. Sound quality is also good.



  • Capture Game screen
  • Capture selected/entire desktop
  • Capture from other devices
  • Adjust video output settings


  • Capture from speaker
  • Capture from microphone
  • Capture from line
  • Adjust audio output settings

Press F8 to start and stop

Download latest ZD Recorder

Screen shot

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