How to Increase Internet Speed

I have put many different posts on increasing internet speed. I got a big response on these posts. So today I am combining all these tricks to a single post and added some new features and tips. I promise you that after doing these tricks your internet speed will be increased by a notable amount. This post will also tell you where your internet speed is leaked or used by other viruses/softwares. You can check your internet speed before and after doing this (described below).
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STEP 1 - Check Internet Speed

Before doing anything first we have to know the current internet speed. Then only we can find whether the speed has increased or not. To check the internet speed logon to and note it down.
NOTE: Before checking speed close all other websites and softwares which access the internet. Then only we will get the accurate speed. Eg: Facebook, Gmail, Antiviruses, Gtalk, Nimbuzz... etc (Even if your Facebook is fully loaded it always check for updates. So close it)

STEP 2 - Find Leakage of Internet Speed

Some viruses will use your internet. Some of them are made to decrease internet speed. To know this open Task manager (Alt+Ctrl+Delete) and select networking. If percentage is zero, nothing to worry, go to step three. If not some application/virus may be using internet. Update your antivirus and run a full scan.

STEP 3 - Speed Up by 20% - Limit Reservable Bandwidth

By default Windows only gives you 80% of the original speed called bandwidth for browsing. Other 20% is given softwares and programs. So when you change this 20% to Zero you will get the full speed. I have wrote a separate post for it please read...


STEP 4 – Increase Browser Cache Space

Cache is the place where the files of a website are stored. So that when open the same site later, browser doesn’t need to download them again. It makes browsing faster. Usually the cache space is lower, but you can increase it and thus increase internet speed

STEP 5 – 12 Tricks to Increase Firefox Speed 


Firefox is a very flexible browser. Since its open source, we can edit many setting. By adjusting some of them (about:config settings) we can surely increase internet speed. I got more speed than Chrome after doing these tricks. Sorry to tell you that these tricks cannot applied on Google Chrome.

Note: You must restart your Computer to changes takes place

STEP 6 - Recheck Internet Speed

As I said in the first step check your Internet speed and note the difference.
If your connection is High speed broadband (above 300KBs), you may not feel the difference. Also understand that the “cache trick” I explained above only works after entering a website few times. So may not feel difference first time itself. It increases gradually.

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  1. Sometimes i have to use chrome and mozilla at the same time so my commit charges increases and cpu usage touch to 99%.... also MY bandwith decreases... is this procedure or steps applicable to chrome ?

    1. Except the STEP 5 all are applicable to google chrome. If your CPU usage is always about 99% your computer may be infected by virus. Update your antivirus and run a full scan.
      Me too also use 2 browsers at a time. but my cpu usage doesn't go above 10%.

    2. remember, virus not only slow down your pc, it also slows your internet

  2. i am using safari do you have any trick for that?

  3. i have some other tricks for improving internet speed but this trick is different thanks for sharing

    1. You are welcome... Please post here what all tricks you know...

  4. Nice one, it improves the speed. I have researched a bit and found few more ways too.

  5. Thank you for the tips. It worked for me a little bit. I checked my internet speed from before and after following the above mentioned tips. I saw the difference in speeds.

  6. Thanks for sharing this nice post. Most of the broadband user facing slow internet problem, but through little efforts they can increase internet speed upto 20%.

    Increase internet speed in Windows


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