Open Facebook When Computer Starts

Always opening Facebook when computer is turned on?? A simple trick to open your favorite websites like Facebook, Gmail etc when computer starts. No need to open the browser and type the url, again a new tab, again type.. its simply wasting time. When your computer is turned on your Facebook is infront of you. It can also be used to open multiple websites with a double click

  1. First we create a bat file having program to open websites
  2. Convert it to a exe file
  3.  Add it to startup

1) Open Notepad and paste the below code
@echo off

NOTE: Instead of facebook you can also add other sites. Like this

@echo off

2) Save it as example.bat
3) We need to convert the bat file to an exe file. For this read my article
     Free Bat to Exe Converter Download

4) After creating the exe file, create a shortcut of the exe file (Right click on the file>>Create shortcut)
5) Copy the Shorcut to the forlder

C:\ProgramData\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu\Programs\Startup

6) Done. Restart your pc.

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