How to Trace an Email using ip2location

Ever thought about tracing an email? Yes it is possible. You can pin point the exact location and find more details from an email. Thanks to the great services offered by We find the ip address of the computer from where is the email is send. So first we have to find the ip address from an email.

What is an IP Address
IP is internet protocol. ie each and every device that is connected to an internet will have an address with a protocol. This address is unique for each. An ip address contains 4 parts separated by 3 dots. eg: It can give a lot of informations like country, ISP, latitude, longitude etc.

Where is IP Address in an Email
You may wondering that you have not seen the ip address in an email. Then where it is? Yes its hidden in an email. Every mail will have a 'email header'. In Gmail you can open the email header by clicking 'show original' from the drop down list. You can see the ip address in the email header of any email. Normally it will be inside a square bracket. Like []. Take a look at the screenshots.

Email header in a email

ip address from email header

How trace an IP Address with ip2location
The best ip locator available or internet is the They offer a lot of services related to ip. In order to trace an ip, go to and in paste the ip in the search box. Also ip2location have an interesting feature, without opening and pasting, simple type like this and press enter Replace that ip with whatever ip address.

Couldn't find the ip address in the email header? Don't worry, ip2location have a good solution for that. Copy the entire email header and paste it in

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