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Yesterday the great website Huzup was launched. The interface is really awesome. Huzup is a online search engine and a directory of different websites and products. But its not like the usual search engines like Google or Yahoo or  Bing, in Huzup everything is divided into proper categories. So in a category there will be plenty of similar products. In that category there will be a button similar to 'like button'. Clicking that button, the likes (zups) increasing. So website/product having better ranking will be on top. Thats why then name Huzup, which means WHO IS UP.

The most important feature of Huzup is the search tool. The search tool is really awesome. Giving an input like "ebay" it will list all the similar websites like flipkart, snapdeal etc. And the website and having higher ranking (zups) will be on top. Thus it can tell you who is the best, find similar products etc.

Anyone can add their websites or products to Huzup by clicking the button "Add a Zup". The benefit is your product will get notified, users can rank, you will get plenty of visitors, and a good backlinks. Huzup will nearly introduce new features like adding their Facebook/Twitter links, users can comment on each product, create a poll containing two or more products. And a "facebook page" like feature. They will give you a code, putting that in your site will display a box containing your site in Huzup, the number of likes, your rank in Huzup etc.

What are your waiting for? Add your Zup to Huzup

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