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Be proud if you are an Indian..!! Indian government launches Aakash 2 for students at Rs 1130. What if i am not a student?? and not in India?? Want to buy Aakash at lower cost?? Read full.
When India launches the first Aakash, a lot complaints were there regarding the hardware specifications. But they don't give back. Recently Indian government launched Aakash 2 on November 11, which has the same price as Aakash. There is a lot of improvement in both hardware and software of Aakash 2.

What is actually Aakash 2?

Aakash is actually a tablet pc. Which means a small pc. In short we can say as the combination of a smart phone and a computer/laptop. It has almost all the features of a computer. Since Aakash have many problems and bugs regarding hardware, the new version is Aakash 2 is much much better. Even though there are many tablets better than Aakash 2, looking at the price, in my opinion this is the best option.

Specifications of Aakash 2

    • Android 4.0 ICS
    • Capacitive 7 inch touch screen (multi touch)
    • 512 MB RAM
    • 1 GHz Cortex A8 processor
    • Front facing camera
    • WIFI and GPRS with SIM support
    • USB port
    • Battery 3200 mAh (4 hours)
    • Internal storage - 2GB

      Aakash for students

      Aakash 2 launched by November 11 by the government. But the actual date were students can buy is not confirmed. It may take about 2 months

      How to Buy Aakash 2 if i am not a student?

      Aakash 2 has not started selling. But you can  Pre-Book it

      The production of Aakash and Aakash 2 has given to the company named 'DATAWIND'. Without out subsidy from government they are selling same Aakash tablets named as "UBiSLATE". There are there three different versions. The actual Aakash 2 is UbiSlate 7c+ which cost Rs 4499

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      1. Android 4.0 at this price is something I can not believe and this android 4 will not productive with a crippled 512 MB RAM.


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