Colourful Text For Facebook Chat

Dont you like to impress your friends with some awesome colourful text while chatting in Facebook? As you see in the left image. In this post i will describe you how to create such text and send them in Facebook. You will need special codes to do that. Don't worry about creating codes. I have created a virtual keyboard which will automatically create the code while typing. All you need is to type the message, copy and paste.

I have created a separate page so that you can create the code easily and fast. You can access the page just clicking 'FB Coloured Chat' near the Home button. Click here to go to the page...

 Type the message using virtual keyboard. Copy and paste the code in your Facebook Chat. Don't Forget to Bookmark Us

Keyboard Shortcuts|
  • Select All - Ctrl+A
  • Copy - Ctrl+C
  • Paste - Ctrl+P

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