How to Open Blocked Websites

Sometimes many websites like Facebook, Orkut, Youtube will be blocked in your schools or in your home by parents. Some anti-viruses can also block websites. Is there any way to open blocked websites?? Or how to open/browse restricted websites? Yeah it’s very simple. Using IP inding. Each webpage is stored in a specific computer and that computer will have a IP address. What we do is find the IP address of the corresponding website and then paste the IP browser. Here are the steps

1)    Go to Start > Run.
2)    In the box appears type “cmd”.

3)    A black box appears. Paste the following in to it. 
       and press enter (change to any site you want).
4)    An IP address will be shown in brackets []. Copy it.

5)    Open your browser and paste the IP address in address bar and press enter.

6)    Done.

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