Download Windows 7 Transformation Pack (Theme)

Many people still love Windows XP rather than Windows 7 because many softwares and games cannot be installed in Windows 7. Even though Windows 7 provides a feature called “Run programs made for previous versions of Windows” it doesn’t work of many programs. The best way is to transform or change the theme to Windows 7. So that your XP looks likes Windows 7 and can run programs. That is, transforming your XP to Windows 7 without formatting. Actually it not a theme, a Windows 7 transformation pack. It will change the logon screen, sounds, transparency to windows, Start menu icon and more

It is also good for people who don’t know formatting Windows. But one of the demerit is it may slow down your computer. Not too much. It is recommended that your RAM is above 1 GB. Here is it, download and extract it.

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  1. I know it but... it can slow your computer right?

  2. Thank you nedisaiahpalacios, you are the first commenter........ it slows ur pc. it is recommended to have ram above 2gb


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